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How to Accept ACH Debit Payments

Direct debit payments on the Automated Clearing House (ACH), or ACH debits, allow businesses to collect funds from customers in the US who provide their bank account details and authorize businesses to debit them.

Payment Method TypeBank debit
Relevant Payer GeographyUS
Presentment CurrencyUSD
Country AvailabilityUnited States
Recurring PaymentsYes
Payment Completion2 – 5 business days
Stripe CheckoutYes
Payment method properties

ACH debits also provide lower transaction fees than cards. ACH payments on Stripe cost 0.80%, capped at $5. A $100 payment incurs a $0.80 fee; any payments above $625 cost $5

Payment AmountStripe Credit Card FeeStripe ACH Debit Fee
$100$3.20$0.80 + $1.50 verification fee
$1,000$29.30$5.00 + $1.50 verification fee
ACH Debit Fees Details

Enable ACH Debit

To accept ACH Direct Debit payments, visit the “Payment” tab in the payment form builder, and enable “ACH Direct Debit”.

Stripe requires that a Name field (required) is included on your form. WP Simple Pay will add this field for you if it is not already added to the form.

Accept ACH Debit on-site

More Information

For eligible businesses, funds can be available within 2 business days from when the payment is processed. Otherwise, funds can be available within 4 business days. For more details and information on eligibility:


Your account currently does not support bank account payment amounts greater than $6,000.00

Stripe places an initial $6,000 ACH Debit transfer limit on new accounts. View Stripe’s support article for more information.

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Updated on July 5, 2022