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How to Set Up an Accepting Donations Form

Accepting donations is one of the most popular use cases for WP Simple Pay. Flexible donation forms can easily be created with our form builder, allowing you to collect one-time and recurring donations without having to know how to code to customize your campaigns.

View a demo of what we are building

You’ll need to create a new payment form by logging to your WordPress admin, then going to WP Simple Pay → Add New. From here, select the the “Donation Form with Recurring Option” payment form template.

Payment Form General Settings

After adding your form Title and Description, click the Payment tab to begin setting up your Prices.

Payment Form Payment Settings and Options

Setting up different pricing options and allowing optional recurring giving is easy and flexible. You can use set amounts that you want your donors to give or use a custom amount field and let them decide.

In the screenshot below, showing the pricing buttons displayed on the frontend of our form, we have set Price options for $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50. We are also allowing our donors to optionally make their donation a recurring amount.

Each of the aforementioned set Prices would be set up as shown below:

The Price option labeled “Other” lets your donors choose how much they give on a one-time or recurring basis. This option is set up as shown below.

Note: if you are curious about the other settings available in the Price options, see this document: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/payment-options/

Once you have added all of your Prices click the Update button that is shown to the right of the form builder. This will add the Form Fields necessary to display your forms properly. Your Payment Options should now look like this:

Payment Form Custom Form Fields

Now select the Form Fields tab, which should look like this:

The changes that we must make to have our form look and function like the demo is to edit the Price Selector field to add the optional Label and set the Display Style to Buttons.

We also need to change the Checkout Button Text to display “Donate” along with the amount that is selected or entered by the donor.

After that last change, you can Update your form one more time, and then add it to your site.

Your embedded form will look similar to this on the front end:

Making donating as frictionless as possible for your donors is important. WP Simple Pay allows you to easily accept one-time, recurring, and custom amount donations directly on your website without coding or any complicated setup.

You can see a live demo version of the form we’ve built here: https://demo.wpsimplepay.com/accept-donations/

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Updated on July 5, 2022