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How to Use WP Simple Pay’s Advanced Settings

These various settings can be found in WP Simple Pay → Settings → General → Advanced and used for settings that don’t quite fit in other categories.

Advanced Settings

Opinionated Styles
Automatically apply WP Simple Pay Pro styles to payment form fields and buttons. If disabled, allows for custom styling of Simple Pay forms and buttons: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/style-options/
Styles on the Stripe.com Checkout page cannot be changed.

Date Format
Allows you to set the preferred date format for your site’s region.

Usage Analytics
If enabled, your site will be considered as we evaluate new features and determine the best improvements to make. No sensitive data is tracked.

Beta Versions
In enabled, you are opted in to receive update notifications for beta releases.

Save Plugin Settings
If UN-checked, all WP Simple Pay Pro plugin data will be removed when the plugin is deleted. However, your data saved with Stripe will not be deleted.

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Updated on May 31, 2022