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How to Resolve All In One SEO Shortcode Conflicts

When using WP Simple Pay along with All in One SEO (AIOSEO), in some instances, you will need to add a code snippet to exclude our shortcodes from being parsed by AIOSEO. If you manually define custom excerpts that do not include WP Simple Pay shortcodes, you should not need to add this code.

If your users are unable to update their payment method with AIOSEO activated, add the following custom code snippet to your theme’s functions.php or as a custom plugin:

 * Plugin Name: WP Simple Pay - AIOSEO Compatibility
	function ( $conflicting_shortcodes ) {
		$conflicting_shortcodes = array_merge(
				'WP Simple Pay Form' => 'simpay',
				'WP Simple Pay Receipt' => 'simpay_payment_receipt',

		return $conflicting_shortcodes;

If you are unfamiliar with adding custom code to WordPress, please review this documentation.

This will prevent AIOSEO from pre-parsing the WP Simple Pay [simpay] and [simpay_payment_receipt] shortcodes and causing errors.

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Updated on May 6, 2022