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How to Set Up a Buy It Now Button Form

Creating a simple “Buy it Now” button is a popular use case for WP Simple Pay.

In this walkthrough, we are going to demonstrate how to create such a button using Stripe Checkout. You could also use an overlay form to accomplish the same thing. The first two examples on this page https://demo.wpsimplepay.com/stripe-checkout demonstrate what I am creating.

You’ll need to create a new payment form by logging to your WordPress admin, then going to Simple Pay Pro → Add New.

On the General tab, you enter your form Title and Description as well as the Form Type – here we are choosing Stripe Checkout. You can also change the Payment Success Page, however, for simplicity we are not doing that here.

​Next, set up your Payment tab. In this instance we are setting a one-time, set price option of $150.00 To see all the available price options, check this documentation: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/payment-options/

After setting the Payment Options, click the Publish button to the right of the payment form builder. This will set initial options and form fields for your payment type.​​

In the Form Fields tab, expand the Email Address and click the red Remove link, then click the blue Update button to the right of the form builder. This will ensure that only the payment button displays on the page. The email address will still be collected on the Stripe Checkout page.

​Next, select the Stripe Checkout tab and configure Stripe Checkout as you’d like, here we are keeping things very simple. Again, click the Publish button to the right of the form builder.

One final optional step that you can take is to revisit the Form Fields tab, expand the Payment Button and edit the original “Pay With Card” text. Here, I’ve changed it to “Buy It now!”. After that last change, you can Update your form one more time, and then add it to your site.

Your button will display as below in the front end, and when clicked will open up Stripe Checkout.

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Updated on May 31, 2022