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How to Configure the Payment Confirmation Display

To configure what’s displayed to your customers or donors after a successful payment, go to WP Simple Pay → Settings → Payment Confirmation  → One-Time Payment. Here you can change what’s displayed for a successful One-Time Payment.

If you have the Plus license or higher, you’ll see two more tabs next to One-Time Payment: Subscription and Subscription with Trial. Here, you can customize an alternate message for each of these, as they all describe different types of payments.

Note that you’re customizing the payment confirmation page, not the receipts sent by email. View how to configure email receipts in Stripe.

Built-In Smart Tag Reference

Here are the available smart tags that come “built-in” that you can use to customize the payment confirmation messages:

{form-titleThe form's item Title value.
{form-description}The form's Item Description value.
{total-amount}The total price of the payment.
{charge-date}The charge date returned from Stripe.
{customer-name}The name from the Name form field
{charge-date}The charge date returned from Stripe
{charge-id}The unique charge ID returned from Stripe.
{tax-amount}The calculated tax amount based on the total and tax percentage setting
{card-brand}The brand of card used. Visa, Amex, etc.
{card-last4}The last four digits of the card used
{recurring-amount}The recurring amount to be charged each period of the subscription. Applies to subscriptions without trials only.
{max-charges}The max number of charges until the subscription ends if installment plans are setup. Applies to subscriptions without trials only.
{trial-end-date}The day the plan's free trial ends. Applies to subscriptions with trials only.

Use Custom Smart Tags

To output additional information related to payments or subscriptions, use the {payment:key}, and {customer:key} smart tags to access Stripe object data.

For example:


You can view the list of available object properties here:


Using these custom smart tags, you can create more personal and flexible payment confirmation pages, such as:

Which will display something like this on the Payment Confirmation page:

Make sure the [simpay_payment_receipt] shortcode resides on the Payment Success Page you designate if modified or changed (it should exist by default).

You can also create smart tags using custom form field data. Find out how.

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Updated on August 16, 2022