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How to Add and Configure Coupons in WP Simple Pay

Coupons can be added by visiting WP Simple Pay > Coupons. This is also where previously created coupons will be listed. To add a coupon, click the Add New button at the top of the screen.

This will open the Add Coupon form, as shown below.

The available options are described in the table below.

CodeA unique value users will enter in the coupon field. Letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes only. Coupon codes are case-sensitive (dictated by Stripe).
TypeChoose whether your coupon is a percentage discount, or a fixed amount discount.
Percentage/Amount OffEnter the percentage off, or the currency and discount amount for your coupon. The amount off cannot bring the total value down to < 0.50. We do not allow 100% off coupons.
DurationSet the duration of your coupon to Forever, Once, or Multiple Months. Invoices for recurring payments will continue to receive the discounted amount for this duration.
Redemption RestrictionsOptionally set the following:
Specify an expiration date and time by which the coupon can be redeemed.
Limit the total number of times this coupon can be redeemed
Limit the payment forms where this coupon can be redeemed

Once you have created a coupon, your coupon listing will begin to fill out.

NOTE: Coupon codes are case-sensitive (dictated by Stripe). Consider creating two versions of your codes: one uppercase and one lowercase.

Shown below is an example of an embedded form type, with a $100 one-time price, and a $75 subscription price. Using the SAVE15 coupon shown in the screenshot above, you can see how adding the Amount Breakdown custom form field will show the limitations set on the coupon.

Here, the coupon is restricted to the Gold Level Support payment form, and is only valid for 3 months. After that time, the amount due goes back to the non-discounted amount.

Coupons previously created in the Stripe dashboard can still be applied to payment forms, even though they will not appear inside the WP Simple Pay admin. New coupons should always be created using the method described in this document to ensure redemption restrictions are respected and automatic payment mode syncing occurs.

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Updated on May 31, 2022