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Creating Invoices in Stripe

Whether or not you’re using WP Simple Pay you can create individual one-time or recurring invoices in your Stripe dashboard to send to your clients and customers. These invoices are hosted entirely on Stripe’s servers.

To create and view invoices in your Stripe dashboard go to Customers → Invoices.

Create a New Invoice

  • Navigate to the Create an invoice page.
  • Select an existing customer from the dropdown or
  • Select + Add new customer and fill out the Name, Account email, and Description fields.
  • Click Add customer.
  • Enter an item description and price.
  • Click Send invoice.
  • Verify the email address in the Send to field and then click Send invoice again.

Select Payment Method

Collecting payments for one-off invoices is commonly done by sending an email to customers. The emails include a link to a payment page hosted by Stripe where customers can enter their payment details. You can also choose to automatically charge a payment method on file. This means Stripe automatically charges the customer’s existing payment method. If the charge fails, Stripe automatically retries the payment.

Updated on May 6, 2020

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