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Configuring Email Receipts in Stripe

Within your Stripe dashboard, you can configure email receipts to be sent to your customers directly from Stripe. To enable and customize receipt emails go to Settings → Emails.

You can also use your own domain (instead of when sending emails to customers. See Stripe docs for setup instructions.

Stripe allows you to customize the icon and header background color of the emails by going to Settings → Branding.

See Stripe docs about customizing email receipts further.

NOTE: Stripe only sends email receipts for payments that are made while in Live mode, so if you are expecting an email for a test transaction, one will not be sent.

To view or send email receipts for individual Stripe Test payments, open the test payment in Stripe that you want to send a receipt from and look for the View Receipt and Send Receipt links in the Receipt history section.

Do Stripe’s built-in email receipts not provide enough customization for you? Did you know you can also use Stripe and Zapier to send plain text emails to customers (and custom email notifications to site owners) for Stripe payments?

Updated on August 7, 2020

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