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Form Display Options

On the Form Display Options tab, you can select the Embedded, Overlay, or Stripe Checkout display type.

Embedded will display all payment form fields on the page itself. All fields can be rearranged and styled as needed.

Overlay will display all payment form fields in an overlay launched by a button on the page. Like the embedded option, all fields can be rearranged and styled as needed.

Both the Embedded and Overlay form display types utilize Stripe Elements to provide real-time validation and securely collect payment details.

Stripe Checkout will display some fields on the page and others in the Stripe Checkout form. Stripe Checkout is served by Stripe’s servers and allows partial field customization. See Stripe Checkout Display Options to customize this further.

Company Name and Item Description are optional for All Form Display Type options. These values will appear on the default Payment Confirmation page.

The best way to see these form display options in action is to check out our demo site.

Updated on April 27, 2020

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