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How to Set Limited Inventory for a Payment Form

What are purchase restrictions?

Have you ever needed to sell a limited quantity of an item, or only accept payments between certain dates? With Purchase Restrictions you now have control over how many times an item can be purchased, and when. This is great for accepting a limited number of registrations for a webinar or selling different levels of tickets for an event.

Purchase Restrictions are not compatible with off-site Stripe Checkout payment forms.

Example of Inventory Purchase Restriction

Let’s suppose you are offering business coaching to budding entrepreneurs using our Business Development Coaching Services template.

You have a limited number of coaching sessions available, and you want to make sure you don’t overbook. When creating or editing your payment form, you can configure your Inventory Purchase Restrictions as shown below:

When all inventory from all price options is purchased, the payment form is hidden.

Otherwise, the relevant sold out price options are disabled and not selectable.

To properly handled adding stock back if a payment fails to process, you must ensure that webhooks are set up and configured properly

You can restrict payments in multiple ways, and even combine them to create fully automated inventory and scheduling management.

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Updated on November 9, 2022