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How to Create Dedicated Payment Pages

Payment Pages are only available to Professional level or higher license holders

Payment Pages are dedicated, distraction free landing pages that allow you to quickly create a shareable link and accept a payment quicker than ever before.

When creating or editing a payment form, you will see a “Payment Page” tab along with the other Payment Form tabs. Selecting this will open the Payment Page settings area.

Initially the “Payment Page Mode” is toggled off:

Once enabled, the settings can be configured. Payment Pages provide options to set a custom URL, color scheme, add a header image/logo, and a byline of text below the payment form.

Additionally, Payment Pages have the option to display the payment confirmation on the same page, creating an entirely self-contained payment experience.

When viewing the payment page URL, all non-WP Simple Pay scripts and styles are removed from the page to help ensure the payment form looks and works as expected.

You can see a Payment Page example on our demo site.

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Updated on August 16, 2022