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Invoice Payment Form Set Up

Accepting invoice payments is one of the most popular use cases for WP Simple Pay. Flexible invoice payment forms can easily be created with our form builder, without having to know how to code to customize your campaigns.

You can see a live demo version of the form we’re building here:

You’ll need to create a new payment form by logging to your WordPress admin, then going to WP Simple Pay → Add New.

Payment Form General Settings

After adding your form Title and Description, choosing your Form Type, and setting your Payment Success Page, click the Payment tab to begin setting up your Prices.

Payment Form Price Settings and Options

We are creating a one-time custom amount Price, giving the customer the ability to enter the amount of their invoice. A $1.00 minimum amount has been set, but can be changed as needed.

Note: if you are curious about the other settings available in the Price options, see this document:

Click the Form Fields tab to configure your form to collect your customer’s Name and other pertinent information:

To match our example, you’ll want to include a custom Text field, set up as shown below:

Your embedded form will look similar to this on the front end:

You can see a live demo version of the form we’re building here:

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Updated on December 8, 2021