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Launch Overlay from Other Buttons or Links

This article details adding custom code to your WordPress site and is intended for developers. Although we don’t provide custom development services ourselves, if you need help we highly recommend Codeable for one-time projects and WP Buffs for ongoing development, support, and maintenance. Both have people familiar with both Stripe and WP Simple Pay.

Please note: Custom code snippets are provided as-is and there is no guarantee they will continue to work across multiple versions of WP Simple Pay.

If you’re simply trying to get pricing tables up and running without code, remember WP Simple Pay Pro works with Easy Pricing Tables Premium.

If you need to launch a custom overlay or Stripe Checkout payment form from your own button or link on the page, there are a few ways to do this.

Each of these examples includes a little bit of CSS if you want to hide the original payment button.

  1. Code snippet to launch the overlay via JavaScript.
  2. Code snippet to launch the overlay via JavaScript from Beaver Builder pricing tables.

See Adding Custom JavaScript to WP Simple Pay if needed.

For additional snippets, see the Main Snippet Library

Updated on September 18, 2019

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