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New Stripe Checkout

In April 2019, Stripe brought their new Checkout out of beta. Read more about the new Stripe Checkout, the features it currently includes and a roadmap of what’s coming.

Integrating the new Stripe Checkout with WP Simple Pay is already under development so you can benefit from it’s added features and security very soon.

WP Simple Pay will continue to support the legacy version of Checkout (via the payment modal) until we replace it with full support for the new Checkout page that supports SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). Rest assured that you will never lose the ability to accept payments using Stripe Checkout.

As the new Stripe Checkout is a full checkout page implementation, the overlay/modal version will eventually be discontinued. If you prefer to display your checkout in an overlay, we encourage you to try out the Overlay form display option available in WP Simple Pay Pro (see our overlay demos).

Here’s a few preview screenshots of the WP Simple Pay integration with the new Stripe Checkout:

Updated on May 13, 2019

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