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Payment Options

On the Payment Options tab, you can set what type of one-time amount the payment form will use.

If you’re creating up a subscriptions payment form, this setting is ignored and instead you’ll need to set up payment options on the Subscription Options tab.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with a Plus or higher license only.

If you select a One-Time Set Amount, the payment form will simply use this amount and cannot be changed by the customer.

If you select a One-Time Custom Amount, also known as a user-entered amount, your site visitors will now be able to enter any amount they wish.

See this in action in the one-time custom amount demo.

You can also set both the minimum custom amount and the default custom amount for the payment form.

Note that all amount fields can’t be set lower than 1.00 (100 for non-zero decimal currencies).

Amounts will also be automatically formatted and validated to prevent syntax errors.

Setting a Specific Payment Success Page

By default, when a payment is successful your customers or donors will be directed to the payment success page selected in the global settings (see Setting Payment Success and Failure Pages).

This setting can be overridden for each payment form. Just set the Specific Page if it’s a page located on your WordPress site, or Redirect URL if it’s an external page you want to redirect to.

Updated on April 12, 2018

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