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Stripe Checkout Display Options

These options are for the new Stripe Checkout Display, shown below:

The Stripe Checkout Display tab is where you’ll configure all options available on Stripe-hosted checkout pages if it’s the option selected on the Form Display Options tab.

When this option is selected, Stripe dictates what can and cannot be configured on the checkout page as it is served up by Stripe’s servers.

To see some of these options in action check out the Stripe Checkout demos.

Available Options

Logo/Image URLURL pointing to a square image of your brand or product. Can be an uploaded image. The recommended minimum size is 128x128px. The supported image types are: .gif, .jpeg, and .png.
Enable Form StylesApply plugin styling to form fields that appear on-page. Otherwise the styles will inherit from the current theme. The default is false.
Collect Full Billing AddressSpecify if the checkout form should collect the user's billing address. The default is false.
Updated on September 20, 2019

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