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Stripe Checkout Display Options

The Stripe Checkout Display tab is where you’ll configure all options available in the Stripe Checkout overlay if it’s the option selected on the Form Display Options tab.

When this option is selected, Stripe dictates what can and cannot be configured in the overlay and it is served up by Stripe’s servers. All options found in the Stripe Checkout Docs are supported.

To see some of these options in action check out the Stripe Checkout overlay demos.

Available Options

Company NameMain heading shown in the checkout overlay. Usually the name of your company or website. The default is the Site Title.
Item DescriptionSubheading shown in the checkout overlay. Usually a description of the product or service being purchased.
Logo/Image URLURL pointing to a square image of your brand or product. Can be an uploaded image. The recommended minimum size is 128x128px. The supported image types are: .gif, .jpeg, and .png.
Enable Remember MeSpecify if the checkout overlay should include the option to "Remember Me" for future purchases. The default is true.
Checkout Button TextText used for the final checkout button on the overlay (not the on-page payment button). Add {{amount}} where you'd like to show the amount. If {{amount}} is omitted, it will be appended at the end of the button text unless it is a free trial.
Verify Zip/Postal CodeSpecify if the checkout overlay should validate the billing zip or postal code. Stripe highly recommends leaving this enabled.
Enable Billing AddressSpecify if the checkout overlay should collect the user's billing address. The default is false.
Enable Shipping AddressSpecify if the checkout overlay should collect the user's shipping address. Only available if the billing address option is true. The default is false.
Updated on November 19, 2018

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