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Subscription Options

To create a payment form to allow customers to sign up for recurring plans, go directly to the Subscriptions Options tab.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with a Plus or higher license.

By default, subscription plans are disabled (turned off). If subscriptions are enabled by selecting one of the other two subscription options, the one-time payment option previously selected (first tab) will be ignored.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to have subscription plans set up in your Stripe account. See Adding Subscription Products & Plans in Stripe. The only exception is if you set up a single plan custom amount form (custom amount plans are generated automatically).

While in Test Mode you may only select plans from your Stripe Test Plans. Before switching to Live Mode, make sure the same plans are created in your Stripe Live Plans. Plans with a trial period are supported as well.

To see many of the subscription payment form options in action check out the subscription demos.

Need to set up installment plans (aka “max charges”)? See the details here.

Creating “Single Plan” Payment Forms

To create a payment form where the customer can sign up for one plan and one plan only, select Single Plan.

To connect the payment form to an existing Stripe plan, select a plan from the dropdown.

Alternatively, you can enable a recurring Custom Amount. Be sure to set a minimum amount, default amount and the interval/frequency of the recurring charge.

Finally, you can specify a Setup Fee to be added to the first payment only.

Creating “User Selected Plan” Payment Forms

To create a payment form where the customer can sign up for one of several available plans (and optionally set a custom amount), select User Selected Plan at the top.

Next, one a time you can add and select the plans that the customer will be presented with. They can be dragged and deleted as needed as well as a default option set.

You can override the text displayed for each plan with a Custom Label value. If these are left blank, the plan names, amounts and interval/frequency set in Stripe will be displayed (i.e. “Silver Plan $25.00/month”).

Next, select the Display Style. Currently, the choices are a radio button list or a dropdown. Buttons as selections are coming in a future update.

An added Initial Setup Fee for the first payment only can be specified for individual plans (inputs inside the plan dropdown) or set for all plans (separate input underneath).

Just like the “Single Plan” option, “User Selected Plan” allows for enabling a recurring Custom Amount option. If enabled, a custom amount option and field will be presented to the customer in addition to the other plans.

Be sure to set a minimum amount, the interval/frequency of the recurring charge and a label for the custom amount input.

Updated on June 30, 2020

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