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Subscriptions Add-on – Installment Plans (Pro 2.5)

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with Business and Elite licenses only.

Installment plans (aka “max charges” or “payment plans”) allow you to have subscriptions that end after a specific number of charges. When the last charge is reached for a customer’s subscription, it is canceled and charges stop. No need for you to manually cancel subscriptions in your Stripe dashboard at a specific time for each customer.

You’ll need to add the max_occurrences attribute to the main stripe_subscription shortcode.

As of July 8, 2016, the max_occurrences subscription property is not included for new Stripe accounts unless specifically requested through Stripe support. This was an undocumented yet supported feature since before we added it to this plugin.

If you’ve used max_occurrences with your current Stripe account at least once before this change, then it should be enabled going forward unless you switch Stripe accounts.

If you’re trying this out for the first time on your Stripe account, we strongly recommend using WP Simple Pay Pro 3 to create installment plans instead to avoid the need for contacting Stripe support. But if you must…

First, submit the following support request to Stripe here.


max_occurrences for WP Simple Pay Pro



I use the WordPress plugin WP Simple Pay Pro, which currently requires the Subscriptions property “max_occurrences” to be enabled.

Could you please enable it on my Stripe account?


You’ll need to wait to hear back from Stripe, but I’m assured by Stripe this is all that’s needed at this point.

Note that we’re working on an alternate solution to installment plans with some guidance from Stripe. However, we cannot yet accurately give a release date for this feature.

If you’ve completed the above steps to enable max_occurrences with your Stripe account, please proceed.

Note: Within your Stripe dashboard, a custom (metadata) field is added to subscription records labeled “Max Occur” for reference (Stripe doesn’t natively display this data yet).

Shortcode Examples

Here’s an example using a single subscription plan with the ID “bronze” set to 3 max occurrences:

[stripe name="My Store" description="My Product"]
[stripe_subscription id="bronze" max_occurrences="3"][/stripe_subscription]

Here’s an example where the customer can select one of several subscription plans, set to 3 max occurrences, and is charged an additional setup fee of $5.00 USD.

[stripe name="My Store" description="My Product"]
[stripe_subscription max_occurrences="3" setup_fee="500"]
[stripe_plan id="bronze"]
[stripe_plan id="silver"]
[stripe_plan id="gold"]
Updated on November 19, 2018

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