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Updating Your Credit Card Information on Account

If you purchased WP Simple Pay Pro after June 13, 2017, you were signed up for a subscription to have your license renewed annually. If needed you can update your credit card information on account.

Just log in to your WP Simple Pay account, then scroll down to Subscriptions and click Update Payment Method.

You will then be prompted to enter your updated credit card information. That’s it!

If you’re using PayPal and need to change payment methods, please contact support.

Note for WP Simple Pay Pro 2.5 Owners

If you purchased WP Simple Pay Pro before June 13, 2017 and had a license for WP Simple Pay Pro 2.5, you must opt in for a subscription at some point before your current license expires to continue support and updates.

In your WP Simple Pay account, all you need to do is click Subscribe Now and complete the purchase.

Updated on June 8, 2017

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