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Email Settings

WP Simple Pay offers a settings area to configure emails sent by your website when various actions occur in WP Simple Pay. Alongside WP Simple Pay’s built-in emails, Stripe also provides email capabilities that can be enabled alongside for added functionality.

Stripe Email Settings

See Stripe’s documentation for using your own domain to send Stripe-powered emails.

Successful Payments

If you have enabled WP Simple Pay’s built-in “Payment Receipt” email you must disable Stripe’s built-in “Successful payments” email to avoid sending duplicate emails to your customers.

Disable the “Successful payments” email in Stripe’s email settings:

Upcoming Renewals

Stripe’s built-in “upcoming renewals” email is incompatible with WP Simple Pay and should always be disabled.

Disable the “Upcoming renewal” email in Stripe’s billing email settings:

WP Simple Pay offers its own email to remind customers about an upcoming invoice.

When enabled, this email will be sent if charging a customer’s card on file (when they aren’t present) requires them to complete 3D Secure authentication. It will link to a Stripe-hosted page where they can confirm the payment.

WP Simple Pay Email Settings

Email settings can be configured by visiting Simple Pay Pro → Settings → Emails

In order for emails to be sent, you are required to set up a webhook endpoint in Stripe


WP Simple Pay sends HTML emails but does not provide additional templates or styles. Plugins such as WordPress Email Template Designer allow customized templates to be used for all emails sent by your website.


From Name
Your email “From Name” (the display name, also known as the “Sender Name”) tells your recipients who sent them the message. This is important in helping your customers identify the emails are coming from your website.

From Email
Your emails “From Email” (also known as the “Sender Email”) is the email address used when a customer replies to one of the automated emails sent by WP Simple Pay.  It is important to use an active email inbox for this email address to allow customers to reach you with any concerns.

See our documentation article on email deliverability for more information.


Payment Receipt

When enabled, the “Payment Receipt” email is sent to the value of the “Email Address” field on the Payment Form. If the form is using Stripe Checkout the value of the “Email” field on Stripe Checkout is used.

Unlike other emails, the “Payment Receipt” email offers three different email body options. These correspond to the three types of payments WP Simple Pay differentiates: one-time, subscription, and subscription with a trial.

Each email body has access to the same template tags available to the Payment Confirmation page that customers are redirected to after successful payment.

Be sure to disable Stripe’s included “successful payment” email to avoid sending duplicate emails.

Payment Notification

When enabled, the “Payment Notification” email is sent to one or more email addresses (separate multiple addresses by a comma) when a successful payment is made.

The email body has access to the same template tags available to the Payment Confirmation page that customers are redirected to after successful payment.

Upcoming Invoice

When enabled, the “Upcoming Invoice” email is sent to the email address originally used by the customer when completing the payment. This email is triggered based on the “upcoming renewal event” setting in the Stripe Dashboard.

Be sure to disable Stripe’s included “upcoming renewal” email to avoid sending incompatible emails.

Using the {update-payment-method-url} template tag in the email body will provide a unique URL that Customers can use to manage their Subscription.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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