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What Happens After A Payment?

What Happens To Form Data After A Payment Is Completed?

Where can I see payment data that get submitted?

More information about viewing Payment details can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/payment-details-stripe/

More information about viewing Subscription details can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/subscription-details-stripe/

Where can I see customer data that get submitted?

More information about viewing Customer details can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/customer-details-stripe/

Where can I see custom form field values?

More information about viewing Custom form field values can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/custom-field-values-stripe/

What Can I Configure To Happen After A Payment Is Completed?

Perform additional actions after a payment

Webhooks allow Stripe to send messages back to your WordPress site. Setting up webhooks is required for some functionality of WP Simple Pay such as creating installment plans, allowing customers to update their subscription payment details, and using its integration with AffiliateWP.

More information about accepting webhooks from Stripe can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/webhooks/

You can also use WordPress’ hook system to perform your own actions after a payment such as creating a WordPress user account.

Read more about custom code snippets here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/adding-custom-functions/

Send Customer Emails and Payment Notification From WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay offers an optional setting area to configure emails to be sent by your website when various actions occur in WP Simple Pay More information about sending emails from WP Simple Pay can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/emails/

Display a confirmation message after a payment

To configure what’s displayed to your customers or donors after a successful payment, go to WP Simple Pay → Settings → Payment Confirmation. Note that you’re customizing the payment confirmation page, not the receipts sent by email. More information about configuring the payment confirmation display can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/configuring-payment-confirmation-display/

Use Zapier To Connect Stripe To Over 1,500 Other Apps

Have you heard of Zapier? If you haven’t, you can utilize Zapier to perform a nearly infinite number of tasks triggered from Stripe without the need for custom development. Tasks such as adding new customers to your mailing list or adding new payments to a Google sheet, etc. More information about using Zapier to connect Stripe to over 1,500 other apps can be seen here: https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/zapier-stripe/

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Updated on January 28, 2022